Other cameras

Processing image on other cameras

See Fast Technologies can integrate real-time image processing solutions with other cameras as an alternative to ProcImage. You will find below the different manufacturers with whom we work and the different models on which we can implement our solutions.


It is a renowned manufacturer on the international market of industrial image processing especially for small and robust high-speed cameras.


It is one of the leading manufacturers of scientific cameras but they also provide high-speed cameras.


It is a global provider of premium quality industrial cameras for a wide range of applications.


They develop and manufacture high-quality products "Made in Germany"  industrial cameras at their headquarters in Obersulm.


They design, develop and manufacture technologies that enhance perception and awareness. They brings innovative sensing solutions into daily life through their thermal imaging systems.

First Light Imaging

They design, develop and manufactures technologies high-end cameras with very low noise. For instance the C-RED2 camera.