EyeMotion Software

Software for acquisition and post-processing of video sequences,as well as the processing of real-time images from a video stream.

EyeMotion was developed for the processing of real-time images within large video streams, up to several Gpx / sec. The software is suitable for fast cameras, high resolution cameras and / or several simultaneous cameras. Originally designed for our fast and intelligent ProcImage cameras, it is now compatible with different manufacturers of third-party cameras. Eyemotion has a multitude of standard or optional features to respond as accurately as possible.

In smart camera mode, our cameras allow embedded image processing in real time.

Image processsing can be divided into 3 categories.

  • Image Processing : image A → image B
  • Image Analysis : image A → data
  • Image understanding : image A → high level description output from images or data.

The result, supplied in images or data; in each case either recorded to the camera storage memory or directly to the computer's hard disk.
For Data, they can also be provided on the fly.


Standard or optional IP depending on the camera type

  • Trigger image in a single area and on a threshold of gray level
  • Compression without loss
  • Thresholding-binarisation
  • Edges (preset convolution matrix 3X3)
  • Convolution (user adjustable convolution matrix 3X3)
  • Roberts filter
  • Sobel filter
  • Profilo(Area)
  • Profilo(Centre)
  • Profilo(Edge)
  • Single centroid
  • Multi centroid

For the supply of other IP, don't hesitate to use our services.

Examples of feasible developments

  • Simultaneous processing
  • Arithmetic operations on images and between images
  • Addition, substraction, multiplication, division
  • Compression
  • Tracking
  • Image trigger single or multi area
  • Image trigger by comparason
  • Multi exposure
  • Further options available..

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