About us


See Fast Technologies was established in 2003 after having benefited from an ANVAR technology development fund.

The company created its first high speed camera platform with embedded image processing in 2005 without a commercial outlet, in 2010 See Fast Technologies released one of the first "ProcImage" platform capable of processing a megapixel sensor at a frequency of 500 images per second.

In 2016 See Fast Technologies introduced its new EyeMotion software platform dedicated to the development of custom solutions. In addition to controlling its own ProcImage cameras, the platform can now control cameras from third-party manufacturers and other devices such as lighting, controllers, robots and optical servo devices.

Today, the company has developed around imaging solutions for the industrial and research markets. Our know-how in terms of hardware design and software development allows us to satisfy all demands in terms of speed and large volumes of data to be processed in real time.

Our team of experts in image processing, embedded electronics (FPGA), and optics can produce custom cameras and fully integrated analysis solutions based on specific specifications. Moreover, our team of engineers offers customized support for the drafting of specifications, taking care to adapt to the budget constraints of our customers.


In terms of services, See Fast Technologies also offers the design and porting of image processing algorithms on various existing platforms including an FPGA processor. So we master the solutions of our partner Silicon Software relating to solutions with intelligent microEnable acquisition cards of the V series and also the model Cinestream add-on compatible with Phantom high-speed cameras of the world-leading manufacturer Vision Research Corp.

The team

Pierre Chatelier

Doctor in computer science, Pierre joined See Fast Technologies in 2015. He is the creator of the EyeMotion software and is passionate about image processing. As the head of our software activity, Pierre is the referent for programming every kind of things.

Gérald Bardini

Programmable electronics engineer, Gérald is responsible for our hardware department, meticulous and ingenious he develops the solutions carried on our FPGA based devices.

Emmanuel Ageorges

With an engineering degree and Optics and Photonics, Emmanuel ensures the position of product manager within the structure. He has a long technical and commercial experience acquired by Photonetics before exercising his talents in the Photon Lines structure (2001-2010) as market manager.

Lionel Gérard

A graduate of the University of Rennes with a postgraduate degree in business administration, Lionel is responsible for the financial management and marketing of the company. His experience of large industrial groups and mass retailing gives him the necessary distance to ensure a safe management of the company. He is sharing with Eric Dréan the management of the mother company Photon Lines SAS.

Éric Dréan

CEO of See Fast Technologies and Photon Lines, Eric has a long experience in business development and business management with technological value. He worked as a sales executive at Photonetics before creating Photon Lines in 2001 and then See Fast Technologies in 2003.

Values and philosophy of the team

Always inclined to provide innovative solutions, the See Fast Technologies team strives to offer solutions combining performance and quality. With a results-oriented culture, all achievements to meet the needs of our customers' vision solutions must meet the most demanding requirements. Our listening is constant and we do not hesitate to reiterate our proposals to exceed the expectations of our customers. Our customers will make us grow and we must help them to grow with us!


The company has two offices: a sales office located in Saint-Germain-en-Laye near Paris and an office dedicated to research and development located in Dijon.