Visual Applets



VisualApplets is the integrated development environment for real-time applications on FPGA-processors in image processing. This solution is used in numerous industrial applications and in a variety of industries. VisualApplets opens up access to FPGA processors in image processing hardware—such as frame grabbers, industrial cameras, and image processing devices—to realize individual image processing applications.

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VisualApplets Expert

VisualApplets is the graphical development environment for individual FPGA programming. The current version 3 offers with the new extension Expert a broad range of advanced functions for experienced users. The Extension Expert contains three new function focuses: the Custom library, offering the possibility to create own operators in order to use them in the VisualApplets design, and the Debugging and Parameters libraries.

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VisualApplets Libraries

VisualApplets Libraries include several operator libraries, which extend the scope of the operators by important image processing functionality, for example for segmentation and classification along with compression. The three libraries can be purchased as single license and are therefore independent of the acquired frame grabber hardware.

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