See Fast Technologies exhibited at the Vision Show in Stuttgart in November 2016. This international event is an opportunity for the company to present its latest achievements and innovations to a community of specialists.
This year See Fast Technologies presented the latest version of the EyeMotion software developed to build open and scalable imaging solutions for our customers.

Two proofs of concept have been shown, one showing a real-time seed sorting application at a rate of 500 frames per second, and the other showing the xy tracking of a point per embedded computation at 500 frames per second reproduced in analog form at the output of an osciloscope.

See Fast Technologies has finalized a partnership agreement with BAE System “Fairchild division” for the integration of the latest sCMOS.2 sensors technology, notably the LTN4624A with 12Mpx and a speed of 240 images per second !! …

Vision Show 2016

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